If you’re new to Pilates, start with mat classes:

  • Pilates or Simply Pilates – Focus on the key principles of Pilates. Build strength, power and flexibility through controlled movement.

These mat classes, suitable for all levels, will kick things up a notch and target specific areas:

  • Core Pilates – A full body workout focusing on building core strength.
  • Pilates Sculpt – Weights and medicine balls are used to increase the challenge and build strength, faster.
  • Precision Pilates – Weights and bands are used to build strength, focusing on the weaker muscles around joints.
  • Restorative Pilates – A key component to any rehabilitation program. Improve strength and increase joint mobility. Focus on proper alignment to prevent further injury.
  • Vertical Pilates – Improve balance, posture and overall strength. Restore the natural curve to the spine, lengthening it, and feel taller.
  • Pilates Buff Bones – Build bone density to increase overall bone strength. Strengthen stabilizing muscles and increase flexibility.
All Reformer classes use Stott Pilates Reformers equipment. If you’re new to the Reformer, start here:

  • Group Reformer, Reformer for Beginners or Reformer Essentials – Focus on the key principles of Pilates Reformers and will help align your spine, build strength and increase flexibility.

These Reformer classes bring in equipment or more complex movements to help drive the intensity level:

  • Reformer Cardio (Trampoline) – The foundation for using the Reformer and cardio trampoline in a cardiovascular workout. High intensity classes elevate the heart rate and improve circulation in the lymphatic system.
  • Reformer with Props – Keep it fresh and challenging with the addition of a variety of props such as the vinyasa triangle, cardio trampoline, jumpboard and V2 Max.
  • Reformer V2 Max – Combines the Reformer with Cadillac. Build core strength, address spinal articulation and overall toning.
  • V2 Vinyasa Yoga on the Reformer – An intermediate level, high intensity class requiring prior Yoga and Reformer experience. Vinyasa Yoga movements on the Reformer build strength and stamina through vigorous flowing motion.

Specialty Reformer training is tailored to the individual participants, so please book at least 3 hours in advance. No drop-ins please.

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